Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LAB A: Teaching our first day

On our first day in lab for 255, Professor Yang provided us with different game balls and had each of us teach a 3-5 minute lesson to our group. While teaching in front of our peers he taped each of us allowing us to review and reflect on how well we each thought we personally did. After reviewing my video I don't think I did half bad.

I enjoy teaching in front of a class and can get excited when I myself enjoy what I am about to go over. Having it be the first day of lab, I didn't expect to be teaching right away, which made it a little difficult to come up with something short, yet fun and appealing to who I would be teaching to. I picked soccer because I used to play, and felt most comfortable teaching something I knew very well. As a teacher, being involved and giving feedback is important. A PE teacher needs to be moving around getting involved with the students, telling them they are doing a great job or giving them some pointers when needed. I think that was one of my stronger points in this video, as I walked around giving out pointers and encouragement as my group did the drill. Even though most of my peers knew how to kick or pass a ball, I think that I came across as an excited enthusiastic person and in that short time made them a little more apt to listen and get involved.
Teaching in front of peers at times may be intimidating, but once I get into the right mindset of things, I don't feel that pressure anymore. Not feeling that intimidation, and being excited about what you're about to do, really makes everyone around you more excited to participate. In regards to how I handled the situation and my body language I think I did okay. I get everyone involved and seemed to have them enjoying what they were doing. I hope to learn a lot in this class, and make my teaching more enjoyable to the students in my future. I want them to want to come back and learn more while having fun.

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  1. Michelle,
    You did well and looked comfortable teaching. What happens when you have to teach something you'
    re less comfortable with? Hmmm - b/c it will happen:-)