Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lab 2a

We're a month in and it was that time to do another teaching video.

In this lab I chose to continue with my lessons on soccer. On this day I went over how to make a quick cutting move with the soccer ball. Going into this lab I felt comfortable and confident in what I was about to teach. After watching my video I see I still have things to work on.
After reviewing my time coding sheet I realized I spent a lot of time with instruction. I think this is because in the 4 minutes that we get I want to get everything out. I now realize that its unnecessary. If I spend more time on activity I can give more information with the feedback that I give to the students.
My feedback wasn't great this time. I didn't get the chance to get around to everyone, and when I did give feedback it was not congruent with the cues I had given them in the beginning of class. It was more of a "good job" type of feedback.
I think these videos are really helping me with becoming better at teaching in my labs. After reviewing them I know what mistakes I am making and try to work on them. I hope the next lab goes better than the last two and I correct the mistakes I have been making in the past.

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  1. Go job with your lesson, it seemed like a really good one. For it being your first time teaching and using the time coding form, a 3/5 isnt bad..