Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lab B - Ultimate Frisbee

During this class I had the opportunity to teach a drill to go along with our Ultimate Frisbee unit.
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In this lesson I had the students split off into groups and work on the drill I taught them, called the Double Boulder Drill which is a different kind of stacking drill . In this drill the worked on making cuts and hooks to get to the frisbee, instead of just making the left and right square cuts. I also had the class work on transitioning in this drill. Ultimate is a fast-paced game and transitioning, and communication, are very important in this game.

I gave back positive feedback, but a lot of it was not congruent. Most of the time I was saying good job. or keep it up. I need to work on giving back positive congruent feedback. When giving feedback on things that a student needs to improve, I used my cues to help them remember and learn the correct way to make the cut.

I need to work on not calling the students guys. Professor Foley from my Stats class has been drilling us on that, and I need to start to think about what I am calling the entire class.

Overall I think I am improving on my teaching skills. I was a little more organized in my teaching than I was from the past two short labs. This was a great lab to teach because it was something I really enjoyed, and I think that helped me be more enthusiastic about my teaching. I'm realizing that the more I am excited about the activity were doing the class will be more excited and willing to participate.

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