Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lab C - intenational lab

It was international week here in 255. For my lesson we visited Holland where a type of clogging came from. Mindy and I decided to do clogging and give our class a little lesson on how we Americans gave this dance a little more pizazz.

With dance, students range from a variety of different levels and I don't think I was very well prepared for that. Although I did add some intra-task for a couple of groups, it wasnt much of a more or less difficult task. Keeping the attention of a large class while doing a dance unit is not easy at times. Some students don't have much interest, and because its not a very active environment its a little more difficult to keep them going.

If i were to teach this again I would set up stations for the class so they could work at their own pace. I think this would keep them more interested because they wouldn't have to be rushed and if they knew certain parts well enough they could move on to more difficult levels.
I would also use different types of music with the same beat, for the students to dance to. I think the different types of music will allow for them to understand beat and rhythm and how dances can be used in different types of music.

I think that the visual aids really helped some of the students. Having different colored feet for the left and right foot made it a little more easy to understand and remember steps. To change this I would have broken down each part and made them into separate stations.

It was a little difficult for me to teach this lab because I don't have much background in clogging. I had to learn the short dance in a week, which I was able to do. I think having to teach a lesson I'm not completely comfortable with is a good challenge. You never know when you may need to teach a lesson and you only have a few days to learn the material. After a few moments of hesitation in the beginning of my lesson, I think I improved my attitude and hopefully the students enjoyed it.

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