Saturday, December 19, 2009

iDANCE! Do You?!

Its the end of the semester and I got to teach a lesson on the iDance System. I must say its quite fun! To view my lesson plan click here.
On this system it allows more students to be involved, compared to the two mats that DDR allows. With the iDance all the mats are wireless so there are more activities that students can participate in. Also with the iDance there is a setting that allows the teacher to pick two different levels that the students can compete on and they are allowed to pick what level they compete at.
iDAnce is a great way to incorporate dance into a PE curriculum. Many students these days are into video games and technology. And iDAnce is just that. With iDance, teachers are able to assess students on different levels. I came up with multiple assessments for iDance. First would be to take their heart rate throughout the lesson and final step count. With this information a teacher can see the progress students are making and how active they are being during class. Other assessments I would use would be to give a cues quiz on the 4 main cues given in the lesson. The second assessment I would use at the end of the lesson would to give the students an assignment to write a page or two on what they learned during this dance unit.
I think this is a great way to get students involved in dance. In the week that I got to use this system, I improved my percentage of hitting the arrows from around 20% to around 60%. iDance has helped improve my footwork by doing harder levels with more arrows and task to complete. I really enjoyed every minute of my time while using this system and would suggest any school to invest in one of these systems.

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