Monday, December 21, 2009

Learning to Ice Skate

Over the past semester I have had the opprotunity to help kids out on the ice rink. Every Saturday at a local community college in Binghamton, I would go for two hours and help younger kids learn to ice skate. This was a great experience.
The kids I helped ranged in age from 5-13. A few of these kids had experience while others had none. Starting out with the kids who had no experience I had them use bars that they could hold onto and get use to standing on the skates. I had them work on balance and the glide for a long time. They would start at one line and push off and glide as far as they could off of one push. As time went on the kids became more stable and a little at a time I would ween them off the push bars. After being able to move around the ice without the bars, we worked on continuously moving around the ice. Later in the semester I had them working on stopping and turning. These kids improved a lot over the time I spend with them. As a treat for their success in their time with me the last day I treated a couple of the kids to some snacks from the snack bar
I enjoyed this experience because it gave me a sense of accomplishement. I could see the improvement in a lot of the kids and it made me feel great that I was the one who helped them improve on the ice. I think they enjoyed their time with me me as well. I could see a lot more smiling by the end of their time with me. I can't wait to spend more time with these kids and teach them fun games and activities they can play on the ice.

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